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Just Photos

Just Photos is the best way to capture, share, and organize photos without ever having to worry about your private images uploading to the cloud, accidentally displaying on other devices, or being scanned.

Not only is it cloud-free, it's also easy to use with a straight-forward album first approach to organization.

Just Photos is cloud-freeThere's no automatically uploading your private photo collection to a server in the sky.

Just Photos keeps your photos secure within the app.

No Cloud.

No Scanning.

No Nonsense.

Just Photos is fully featured right out of the box. It shoots both photos and video – no in-app purchases required.

Just Photos is great for sharing when you WANT to. You can easily import & export photos with other apps and send photos via text message or eMail.

Take back control of your photos and videos. Get Just Photos from the App Store today.


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